Posts in 2022

  • Kubernetes 1.24: Prevent unauthorised volume mode conversion

    Wednesday, May 18, 2022 in Blog

    Author: Raunak Pradip Shah (Mirantis) Kubernetes v1.24 introduces a new alpha-level feature that prevents unauthorised users from modifying the volume mode of a PersistentVolumeClaim created from an existing VolumeSnapshot in the Kubernetes cluster. …

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  • Kubernetes 1.24: Volume Populators Graduate to Beta

    Monday, May 16, 2022 in Blog

    Author: Ben Swartzlander (NetApp) The volume populators feature is now two releases old and entering beta! The AnyVolumeDataSource feature gate defaults to enabled in Kubernetes v1.24, which means that users can specify any custom resource as the …

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  • Kubernetes 1.24: gRPC container probes in beta

    Friday, May 13, 2022 in Blog

    Author: Sergey Kanzhelev (Google) With Kubernetes 1.24 the gRPC probes functionality entered beta and is available by default. Now you can configure startup, liveness, and readiness probes for your gRPC app without exposing any HTTP endpoint, nor do …

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  • Storage Capacity Tracking reaches GA in Kubernetes 1.24

    Friday, May 06, 2022 in Blog

    Authors: Patrick Ohly (Intel) The v1.24 release of Kubernetes brings storage capacity tracking as a generally available feature. Problems we have solved As explained in more detail in the previous blog post about this feature, storage capacity …

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  • Kubernetes 1.24: Volume Expansion Now A Stable Feature

    Thursday, May 05, 2022 in Blog

    Author: Hemant Kumar (Red Hat) Volume expansion was introduced as a alpha feature in Kubernetes 1.8 and it went beta in 1.11 and with Kubernetes 1.24 we are excited to announce general availability(GA) of volume expansion. This feature allows …

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  • Kubernetes 1.24: Stargazer

    Tuesday, May 03, 2022 in Blog

    Authors: Kubernetes 1.24 Release Team We are excited to announce the release of Kubernetes 1.24, the first release of 2022! This release consists of 46 enhancements: fourteen enhancements have graduated to stable, fifteen enhancements are moving to …

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  • Dockershim: The Historical Context

    Tuesday, May 03, 2022 in Blog

    Author: Kat Cosgrove Dockershim has been removed as of Kubernetes v1.24, and this is a positive move for the project. However, context is important for fully understanding something, be it socially or in software development, and this deserves a more …

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  • Frontiers, fsGroups and frogs: the Kubernetes 1.23 release interview

    Friday, April 29, 2022 in Blog

    Author: Craig Box (Google) One of the highlights of hosting the weekly Kubernetes Podcast from Google is talking to the release managers for each new Kubernetes version. The release team is constantly refreshing. Many working their way from small …

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  • Increasing the security bar in Ingress-NGINX v1.2.0

    Thursday, April 28, 2022 in Blog

    Authors: Ricardo Katz (VMware), James Strong (Chainguard) The Ingress may be one of the most targeted components of Kubernetes. An Ingress typically defines an HTTP reverse proxy, exposed to the Internet, containing multiple websites, and with some …

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  • Kubernetes Removals and Deprecations In 1.24

    Thursday, April 07, 2022 in Blog

    Author: Mickey Boxell (Oracle) As Kubernetes evolves, features and APIs are regularly revisited and removed. New features may offer an alternative or improved approach to solving existing problems, motivating the team to remove the old approach. We …

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