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Weekly Kubernetes Community Hangout Notes - March 27 2015

Every week the Kubernetes contributing community meet virtually over Google Hangouts. We want anyone who's interested to know what's discussed in this forum.


- Andy - demo remote execution and port forwarding

- Quinton - Cluster federation - Postponed

- Clayton - UI code sharing and collaboration around Kubernetes

Notes from meeting:

1. Andy from RedHat:

  • Demo remote execution

    • kubectl exec -p $POD -- $CMD

    • Makes a connection to the master as proxy, figures out which node the pod is on, proxies connection to kubelet, which does the interesting bit. via nsenter.

    • Multiplexed streaming over HTTP using SPDY

    • Also interactive mode:

    • Assumes first container. Can use -c $CONTAINER to pick a particular one.

    • If have gdb pre-installed in container, then can interactively attach it to running process

      • backtrace, symbol tbles, print, etc. Most things you can do with gdb.
    • Can also with careful flag crafting run rsync over this or set up sshd inside container.

    • Some feedback via chat:

  • Andy also demoed port forwarding

  • nsenter vs. docker exec

    • want to inject a binary under control of the host, similar to pre-start hooks

    • socat, nsenter, whatever the pre-start hook needs

  • would be nice to blog post on this

  • version of nginx in wheezy is too old to support needed master-proxy functionality

2. Clayton: where are we wrt a community organization for e.g. kubernetes UI components?

  • google-containers-ui IRC channel, mailing list.
  • Tim: google-containers prefix is historical, should just do "kubernetes-ui"
  • also want to put design resources in, and bower expects its own repo.
  • General agreement

3. Brian Grant:

  • Testing v1beta3, getting that ready to go in.
  • Paul working on changes to commandline stuff.
  • Early to mid next week, try to enable v1beta3 by default?
  • For any other changes, file issue and CC thockin.

4. General consensus that 30 minutes is better than 60

  • Shouldn't artificially try to extend just to fill time.