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Announcing the First Kubernetes Enterprise Training Course

At Google we rely on Linux application containers to run our core infrastructure. Everything from Search to Gmail runs in containers.  In fact, we like containers so much that even our Google Compute Engine VMs run in containers!  Because containers are critical to our business, we have been working with the community on many of the basic container technologies (from cgroups to Docker’s LibContainer) and even decided to build the next generation of Google’s container scheduling technology, Kubernetes, in the open.

One year into the Kubernetes project, and on the eve of our planned V1 release at OSCON, we are pleased to announce the first-ever formal Kubernetes enterprise-focused training session organized by a key Kubernetes contributor, Mesosphere. The inaugural session will be taught by Zed Shaw and Michael Hausenblas from Mesosphere, and will take place on July 20 at OSCON in Portland. Pre-registration is free for early registrants, but space is limited so act soon!

This one-day course will cover the basics of building and deploying containerized applications using Kubernetes. It will walk attendees through the end-to-end process of creating a Kubernetes application architecture, building and configuring Docker images, and deploying them on a Kubernetes cluster. Users will also learn the fundamentals of deploying Kubernetes applications and services on our Google Container Engine and Mesosphere’s Datacenter Operating System.

The upcoming Kubernetes bootcamp will be a great way to learn how to apply Kubernetes to solve long-standing deployment and application management problems.  This is just the first of what we hope are many, and from a broad set of contributors.