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Kubernetes Community Meeting Notes - 20160128

January 28 - 1.2 release update, Deis demo, flaky test surge and SIGs

The Kubernetes contributing community meets once a week to discuss the project's status via a videoconference. Here are the notes from the latest meeting.

Note taker: Erin Boyd

  • Discuss process around code freeze/code slush (TJ Goltermann)
    • Code wind down was happening during holiday (for 1.1)
    • Releasing ~ every 3 months
    • Build stability is still missing
    • Issue on Transparency (Bob Wise)
      • Email from Sarah for call to contribute (Monday, January 25)
        • Concern over publishing dates / understanding release schedule /etc…
    • Release targeted for early March
      • Where does one find information on the release schedule with the committed features?
        • For 1.2 - Send email / Slack to TJ
        • For 1.3 - Working on better process to communicate to the community
          • Twitter
          • Wiki
          • GitHub Milestones
    • How to better communicate issues discovered in the SIG
      • AI: People need to email the kubernetes-dev@ mailing list with summary of findings
      • AI: Each SIG needs a note taker
  • Release planning vs Release testing
    • Testing SIG lead Ike McCreery
      • Also part of the testing infrastructure team at Google
      • Community being able to integrate into the testing framework
        • Federated testing
    • Release Manager = David McMahon
      • Request to  introduce him to the community meeting
  • Demo: Jason Hansen Deis
  • Testing
    • Called for community interaction
    • Need to understand friction points from community
      • Better documentation
      • Better communication on how things “should work"
    • Internally, Google is having daily calls to resolve test flakes
    • Started up SIG testing meetings (Tuesday at 10:30 am PT)
    • Everyone wants it, but no one want to pony up the time to make it happen
      • Google is dedicating headcount to it (3-4 people, possibly more)
  • Best practices for labeling
    • Are there tools built on top of these to leverage
    • AI: Generate artifact for labels and what they do (Create doc)
      • Help Wanted Label - good for new community members
      • Classify labels for team and area
        • User experience, test infrastructure, etc..
  • SIG Config (not about deployment)
    • Any interest in ansible, etc.. type
  • SIG Scale meeting (Bob Wise & Tim StClair)
    • Tests related to performance SLA get relaxed in order to get the tests to pass
      • exposed process issues
      • AI: outline of a proposal for a notice policy if things are being changed that are critical to the system (Bob Wise/Samsung)
        • Create a Best Practices of set of constants into well documented place

To get involved in the Kubernetes community consider joining our Slack channel, taking a look at the Kubernetes project on GitHub, or join the Kubernetes-dev Google group. If you’re really excited, you can do all of the above and join us for the next community conversation — February 4th, 2016. Please add yourself or a topic you want to know about to the agenda and get a calendar invitation by joining this group.

The full recording is available on YouTube in the growing archive of Kubernetes Community Meetings.