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Five Days of Kubernetes 1.2

The Kubernetes project has had some huge milestones over the past few weeks. We released Kubernetes 1.2, had our first conference in Europe, and were accepted into the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. While we catch our breath, we would like to take a moment to highlight some of the great work contributed by the community since our last milestone, just four months ago.

Our mission is to make building distributed systems easy and accessible for all. While Kubernetes 1.2 has LOTS of new features, there are a few that really highlight the strides we’re making towards that goal. Over the course of the next week, we’ll be publishing a series of in-depth posts covering what’s new, so come back daily this week to read about the new features that continue to make Kubernetes the easiest way to run containers at scale. Thanks, and stay tuned!

| 3/28 | * 1000 nodes and Beyond: Updates to Kubernetes performance and scalability in 1.2
* Guest post by Sysdig: How container metadata changes your point of view  | | 3/29 | * Building highly available applications using Kubernetes new multi-zone clusters (a.k.a. Ubernetes Lite") * Guest post by AppFormix: Helping Enterprises Operationalize Kubernetes | | 3/30 | * Using Spark and Zeppelin to process big data on Kubernetes 1.2.   | | 3/31 | * Kubernetes 1.2 and simplifying advanced networking with Ingress | | 4/1 | * Using Deployment Objects with Kubernetes 1.2 | | BONUS | * ConfigMap API Configuration management with Containers |

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--David Aronchick, Senior Product Manager for Kubernetes, Google