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Introducing Kubernetes Service Partners program and a redesigned Partners page

Kubernetes has become a leading container orchestration system by being a powerful and flexible way to run distributed systems at scale. Through our very active open source community, equating to hundreds of person years of work, Kubernetes achieved four major releases in just one year to become a critical part of thousands of companies infrastructures. However, even with all that momentum, adopting cloud native computing is a significant transition for many organizations. It can be challenging to adopt a new methodology, and many teams are looking for advice and support through that journey.

Today, we’re excited to launch the Kubernetes Service Partners program. A Service Partner is a company that provides support and consulting for customers building applications on Kubernetes. This program is an addition to our existing Kubernetes Technology Partners who provide software and offer support services for their software. 

The Service Partners provide hands-on best practice guidance for running your apps on Kubernetes, and are available to work with companies of all sizes to get started; the first batch of participants includes: Apprenda, Container Solutions, Deis, Livewyer, ReactiveOps and Samsung SDS. You’ll find their listings along with our existing Technology Partners on the newly redesigned Partners Page, giving you a single view into the Kubernetes ecosystem. 

The list of partners will grow weekly, and we look forward to collaborating with the community to build a vibrant Kubernetes ecosystem.

--Allan Naim, Product Manager, Google, on behalf of the Kubernetes team.