Posts in 2020

  • Remembering Dan Kohn

    Monday, November 02, 2020 in Blog

    Author: The Kubernetes Steering Committee Dan Kohn was instrumental in getting Kubernetes and CNCF community to where it is today. He shared our values, motivations, enthusiasm, community spirit, and helped the Kubernetes community to become the best …

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  • Announcing the 2020 Steering Committee Election Results

    Monday, October 12, 2020 in Blog

    Author: Kaslin Fields The 2020 Steering Committee Election is now complete. In 2019, the committee arrived at its final allocation of 7 seats, 3 of which were up for election in 2020. Incoming committee members serve a term of 2 years, and all …

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  • Contributing to the Development Guide

    Thursday, October 01, 2020 in Blog

    When most people think of contributing to an open source project, I suspect they probably think of contributing code changes, new features, and bug fixes. As a software engineer and a long-time open source user and contributor, that's certainly what …

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  • GSoC 2020 - Building operators for cluster addons

    Wednesday, September 16, 2020 in Blog

    Author: Somtochi Onyekwere Introduction Google Summer of Code is a global program that is geared towards introducing students to open source. Students are matched with open-source organizations to work with them for three months during the summer. My …

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  • Introducing Structured Logs

    Friday, September 04, 2020 in Blog

    Authors: Marek Siarkowicz (Google), Nathan Beach (Google) Logs are an essential aspect of observability and a critical tool for debugging. But Kubernetes logs have traditionally been unstructured strings, making any automated parsing difficult and …

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  • Warning: Helpful Warnings Ahead

    Thursday, September 03, 2020 in Blog

    Author: Jordan Liggitt (Google) As Kubernetes maintainers, we're always looking for ways to improve usability while preserving compatibility. As we develop features, triage bugs, and answer support questions, we accumulate information that would be …

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  • Scaling Kubernetes Networking With EndpointSlices

    Wednesday, September 02, 2020 in Blog

    Author: Rob Scott (Google) EndpointSlices are an exciting new API that provides a scalable and extensible alternative to the Endpoints API. EndpointSlices track IP addresses, ports, readiness, and topology information for Pods backing a Service. In …

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  • Ephemeral volumes with storage capacity tracking: EmptyDir on steroids

    Tuesday, September 01, 2020 in Blog

    Author: Patrick Ohly (Intel) Some applications need additional storage but don't care whether that data is stored persistently across restarts. For example, caching services are often limited by memory size and can move infrequently used data into …

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  • Increasing the Kubernetes Support Window to One Year

    Monday, August 31, 2020 in Blog

    Authors: Tim Pepper (VMware), Nick Young (VMware) Starting with Kubernetes 1.19, the support window for Kubernetes versions will increase from 9 months to one year. The longer support window is intended to allow organizations to perform major …

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  • Kubernetes 1.19: Accentuate the Paw-sitive

    Wednesday, August 26, 2020 in Blog

    Authors: Kubernetes 1.19 Release Team Finally, we have arrived with Kubernetes 1.19, the second release for 2020, and by far the longest release cycle lasting 20 weeks in total. It consists of 34 enhancements: 10 enhancements are moving to stable, 15 …

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