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Writing a Blog Post

This page shows you how to submit a post for the Kubernetes blog.

You’ll receive a response within 5 business days on whether your submission is approved and information about next steps, if any.

Before you begin

To create a new blog post, you can either:


Kubernetes blog guidelines

All content must be original. The Kubernetes blog does not post material previously published elsewhere.

Suitable Content (with examples):

Unsuitable Content:

Create a blog post with a form

Open the Kubernetes Blog Submission form, fill it out, and click Submit.

Create a post by opening a pull request

Add a new Markdown file

Add a new Markdown (*.md) to /blog/_posts/.

Name the file using the following format:


For example:


Add front matter to the file

Add the following block to the top of the new file:

layout: blog
title: <title>
date:  <date>

For example:

layout: blog
title: Welcome to the Kubernetes Blog!
date:  Saturday, March 20, 2015

Create a new pull request (PR)

When you create a new pull request, include the following in the PR description:

Add content to the file

Write your post using the following guidelines.

Add images

Add any image files the post contains to /images/blog/.

The preferred image format is SVG.

Add the proposed date of your blog post to the title of any image files the post contains:


For example:


Please use reference-style image links to keep posts readable.

Here’s an example of how to include an image in a blog post:

Check out the ![CNCF logo][cncf-logo].

[cncf-logo]: /images/blog/2018-03-01-cncf-color.svg


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