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Generating Reference Documentation for Kubernetes Federation API

This page shows how to automatically generate reference pages for the Kubernetes Federation API.

Before you begin

Running the update-federation-api-docs.sh script

If you don’t already have the Kubernetes federation source code, get it now:

mkdir $GOPATH/src
cd $GOPATH/src
go get github.com/kubernetes/federation

Determine the base directory of your local kubernetes/federation repository. For example, if you followed the preceding step to get the federation source code, you base directory is $GOPATH/src/github.com/kubernetes/federation. The remaining steps refer to your base directory as <fed-base>.

Run the doc generation script:

cd <fed-base>

The script runs the k8s.gcr.io/gen-swagger-docs image to generate this set of reference docs:

The generated files do not get published automatically. They have to be manually copied to the kubernetes/website repository.

These files are published at kubernetes.io/docs/reference:

What’s next


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