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Renew the certificate for the API server to connect to kubelet


Renew the certificate for the API server to connect to kubelet.

Renewals run unconditionally, regardless of certificate expiration date; extra attributes such as SANs will be based on the existing file/certificates, there is no need to resupply them.

Renewal by default tries to use the certificate authority in the local PKI managed by kubeadm; as alternative it is possible to use K8s certificate API for certificate renewal, or as a last option, to generate a CSR request.

After renewal, in order to make changes effective, is is required to restart control-plane components and eventually re-distribute the renewed certificate in case the file is used elsewhere.

kubeadm alpha certs renew apiserver-kubelet-client [flags]


      --cert-dir string     The path where to save the certificates (default "/etc/kubernetes/pki")
      --config string       Path to a kubeadm configuration file.
      --csr-dir string      The path to output the CSRs and private keys to
      --csr-only            Create CSRs instead of generating certificates
  -h, --help                help for apiserver-kubelet-client
      --kubeconfig string   The kubeconfig file to use when talking to the cluster. If the flag is not set, a set of standard locations can be searched for an existing kubeconfig file. (default "/etc/kubernetes/admin.conf")
      --use-api             Use the Kubernetes certificate API to renew certificates

Options inherited from parent commands

      --rootfs string   [EXPERIMENTAL] The path to the 'real' host root filesystem.