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Mark a node as master


Applies a label that specifies that a node is a master and a taint that forces workloads to be deployed accordingly.

Alpha Disclaimer: this command is currently alpha.

kubeadm alpha phase mark-master


  # Applies master label and taint to the current node, functionally equivalent to what executed by kubeadm init.
  kubeadm alpha phase mark-master
  # Applies master label and taint to a specific node
  kubeadm alpha phase mark-master --node-name myNode


      --config string       Path to kubeadm config file (WARNING: Usage of a configuration file is experimental)
      --kubeconfig string   The KubeConfig file to use when talking to the cluster (default "/etc/kubernetes/admin.conf")
      --node-name string    The node name to which label and taints should apply


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