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Install the CoreDNS addon to a Kubernetes cluster


Install the CoreDNS addon components via the API server. Please note that although the DNS server is deployed, it will not be scheduled until CNI is installed.

kubeadm init phase addon coredns [flags]


      --config string               Path to a kubeadm configuration file.
      --feature-gates string        A set of key=value pairs that describe feature gates for various features. No feature gates are available in this release.
  -h, --help                        help for coredns
      --image-repository string     Choose a container registry to pull control plane images from (default "")
      --kubeconfig string           The kubeconfig file to use when talking to the cluster. If the flag is not set, a set of standard locations can be searched for an existing kubeconfig file. (default "/etc/kubernetes/admin.conf")
      --kubernetes-version string   Choose a specific Kubernetes version for the control plane. (default "stable-1")
      --service-cidr string         Use alternative range of IP address for service VIPs. (default "")
      --service-dns-domain string   Use alternative domain for services, e.g. "myorg.internal". (default "cluster.local")

Options inherited from parent commands

      --rootfs string   [EXPERIMENTAL] The path to the 'real' host root filesystem.