Generate and print a bootstrap token, but do not create it on the server


This command will print out a randomly-generated bootstrap token that can be used with the "init" and "join" commands.

You don't have to use this command in order to generate a token. You can do so yourself as long as it is in the format "[a-z0-9]{6}.[a-z0-9]{16}". This command is provided for convenience to generate tokens in the given format.

You can also use "kubeadm init" without specifying a token and it will generate and print one for you.

kubeadm token generate [flags]


-h, --help

help for generate

Options inherited from parent commands


Whether to enable dry-run mode or not

--kubeconfig string     Default: "/etc/kubernetes/admin.conf"

The kubeconfig file to use when talking to the cluster. If the flag is not set, a set of standard locations can be searched for an existing kubeconfig file.

--rootfs string

[EXPERIMENTAL] The path to the 'real' host root filesystem.

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