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CoreOS on AWS or GCE

There are multiple guides on running Kubernetes with CoreOS.

Official CoreOS Guides

These guides are maintained by CoreOS and deploy Kubernetes the “CoreOS Way” with full TLS, the DNS add-on, and more. These guides pass Kubernetes conformance testing and we encourage you to test this yourself.

Community Guides

These guides are maintained by community members, cover specific platforms and use cases, and experiment with different ways of configuring Kubernetes on CoreOS.

Support Level

IaaS ProviderConfig. MgmtOSNetworkingDocsConformsSupport Level
GCECoreOSCoreOSflanneldocsCommunity (@pires)
VagrantCoreOSCoreOSflanneldocsCommunity (@pires, @AntonioMeireles)

For support level information on all solutions, see the Table of solutions chart.