Weave Net for NetworkPolicy

This page shows how to use Weave Net for NetworkPolicy.

Before you begin

You need to have a Kubernetes cluster. Follow the kubeadm getting started guide to bootstrap one.

Install the Weave Net addon

Follow the Integrating Kubernetes via the Addon guide.

The Weave Net addon for Kubernetes comes with a Network Policy Controller that automatically monitors Kubernetes for any NetworkPolicy annotations on all namespaces and configures iptables rules to allow or block traffic as directed by the policies.

Test the installation

Verify that the weave works.

Enter the following command:

kubectl get pods -n kube-system -o wide

The output is similar to this:

NAME                                    READY     STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE       IP              NODE
weave-net-1t1qg                         2/2       Running   0          9d    worknode3
weave-net-231d7                         2/2       Running   1          7d       worknodegpu
weave-net-7nmwt                         2/2       Running   3          9d   masternode
weave-net-pmw8w                         2/2       Running   0          9d   worknode2

Each Node has a weave Pod, and all Pods are Running and 2/2 READY. (2/2 means that each Pod has weave and weave-npc.)

What's next

Once you have installed the Weave Net addon, you can follow the Declare Network Policy to try out Kubernetes NetworkPolicy. If you have any question, contact us at #weave-community on Slack or Weave User Group.