Casos de estudo utilizando Kubernetes

Alguns usuários que estão executando o Kubernetes em produção.

"O Kubernetes melhorou nossa experiência usando a infraestrutura de nuvem. Atualmente, não há tecnologia alternativa que possa substituí-lo. "

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"We saw the amazing community that’s grown up around Kubernetes, and we wanted to be part of that. We wanted to benefit from added velocity and reduced cost, and also align with the rest of the industry on best practices and tools. "

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"The community is absolutely vital: being able to pass ideas around, talk about a lot of the similar challenges that we’re all facing, and just get help. I like that we’re able to tackle the same problems for different reasons but help each other along the way. "

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"We made the right decisions at the right time. Kubernetes and the cloud native technologies are now seen as the de facto ecosystem. "

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Casos de estudo

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