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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Expanding our Contributor Workshops

Authors: Guinevere Saenger (GitHub) and Paris Pittman (Google)

tl;dr - learn about the contributor community with us and land your first PR! We have spots available in Barcelona (registration closes on Wednesday May 15, so grab your spot!) and the upcoming Shanghai Summit. The Barcelona event is poised to be our biggest one yet, with more registered attendees than ever before!

Have you always wanted to contribute to Kubernetes, but not sure where to begin? Have you seen our community’s many code bases and seen places to improve? We have a workshop for you!

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Barcelona’s new contributor workshop will be the fourth one of its kind, and we’re really looking forward to it! The workshop was kickstarted last year at KubeConEU in Copenhagen, and so far we have taken it to Shanghai and Seattle, and now Barcelona, as well as some non-KubeCon locations. We are constantly updating and improving the workshop content based on feedback from past sessions. This time, we’re breaking up the participants by their experience and comfort level with open source and Kubernetes. We’ll have developer setup and project workflow support for folks entirely new to open source and Kubernetes as part of the 101 track, and hope to set up each participant with their very own first issue to work on. In the 201 track, we will have a codebase walkthrough and local development and test demonstration for folks who have a bit more experience in open source but may be unfamiliar with our community’s development tools. For both tracks, you will have a chance to get your hands dirty and have some fun. Because not every contributor works with code, and not every contribution is technical, we will spend the beginning of the workshop learning how our project is structured and organized, where to find the right people, and where to get help when stuck.

Mentoring Opportunities

We will also bring back the SIG Meet-and-Greet where new contributors will have a chance to mingle with current contributors, perhaps find their dream SIG, learn what exciting areas they can help with, gain mentors, and make friends.

PS - there are also two mentoring sessions DURING KubeCon + CloudNativeCon on Thursday, May 23. Sign up here. 60% of the attendees during the Seattle event asked contributor questions.

Past Attendee Story - Vallery Lancy, Engineer at Lyft

We talked to a few of our past participants in a series of interviews that we will publish throughout the course of the year. In our first two clips, we meet Vallery Lancy, an Engineer at Lyft and one of 75 attendees at our recent Seattle edition of the workshop. She was poking around in the community for a while to see where she could jump in.

Watch Vallery talk about her experience here:

What does Vallery say to folks curious about the workshops, or those attending the Barcelona edition?

Be like Vallery and hundreds of previous New Contributor Workshop attendees: join us in Barcelona (or Shanghai - or San Diego!) for a unique experience without digging into our documentation! Have the opportunity to meet with the experts and go step by step into your journey with your peers around you. We’re looking forward to seeing you there! Register here


如何参与 Kubernetes 文档的本地化工作

作者: Zach Corleissen(Linux 基金会)

去年我们对 Kubernetes 网站进行了优化,加入了多语言内容的支持。贡献者们踊跃响应,加入了多种新的本地化内容:截至 2019 年 4 月,Kubernetes 文档有了 9 个不同语言的未完成版本,其中有 6 个是 2019 年加入的。在每个 Kubernetes 文档页面的上方,读者都可以看到一个语言选择器,其中列出了所有可用语言。

不论是完成度最高的中文版 v1.12,还是最新加入的葡萄牙文版 v1.14,各语言的本地化内容还未完成,这是一个进行中的项目。如果读者有兴趣对现有本地化工作提供支持,请继续阅读。



本地化和翻译很像,但是包含更多内容。除了进行翻译之外,本地化还要为编写和发布过程的框架进行优化。例如,Kubernetes.io 多数的站点浏览功能(按钮文字)都保存在单独的文件之中。所以启动新本地化的过程中,需要包含加入对特定文件中字符串进行翻译的工作。

本地化很重要,能够有效的降低 Kubernetes 的采纳和支持门槛。如果能用母语阅读 Kubernetes 文档,就能更轻松的开始使用 Kubernetes,并对其发展作出贡献。


不同语言的本地化工作都是单独的功能——和其它 Kubernetes 功能一致,贡献者们在一个 SIG 中进行本地化工作,分享出来进行评审,并加入项目。

贡献者们在团队中进行内容的本地化工作。因为自己不能批准自己的 PR,所以一个本地化团队至少应该有两个人——例如意大利文的本地化团队有两个人。这个团队规模可能很大:中文团队有几十个成员。

每个团队都有自己的工作流。有些团队手工完成所有的内容翻译;有些会使用带有翻译插件的编译器,并使用评审机来提供正确性的保障。SIG Docs 专注于输出的标准;这就给了本地化团队采用适合自己工作情况的工作流。这样一来,团队可以根据最佳实践进行协作,并以 Kubernetes 的社区精神进行分享。


如果你有兴趣为 Kubernetes 文档加入新语种的本地化内容,Kubernetes contribution guide 中包含了这方面的相关内容。

已经启动的的本地化工作同样需要支持。如果有兴趣为现存项目做出贡献,可以加入本地化团队的 Slack 频道,去做个自我介绍。各团队的成员会帮助你开始工作。

语种Slack 频道



身为 SIG Docs 的主席,我甚至希望本地化工作跳出文档范畴,直接为 Kubernetes 组件提供本地化支持。有什么组件是你希望支持不同语言的么?可以提交一个 Kubernetes Enhancement Proposal 来促成这一进步。

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